Winter Waltz and other adventures…

So, last night was Winter Waltz… an adventure and a half of dancing, chatting, catching up with old friends whom I hadn't seen in ages, updates on apparent drama, me acting like a doofus again (I really really need to improve my behaviour… more reading motivational literature for me!), food, email addresses, actually exchanging some contact information, and of course actually scheduling in a social life for at least one evening in the coming days.

Overall, while the evening had my head reeling with over-analysis, I did have a good time, and learned some very good things:
— sometimes I find that having good quality discussions with people who actually listen is worth its weight in gold
— Mark makes a good teddy bear
— Dianna was excellently hospitable lending me her lap to watch the show dance
— guys are too slow with their cameras if they really want to catch two girls kissing… I mean really now! Photographic evidence would have been fun… and scandalous! 😉 [similarly catching the guys kissing was amusing and so on… especially since all involved are straight]
— I still don't think Chicken Cordon Blue is all that amazing of a dish… but I LOVE puff pastry on the top of soup (reminds me of the corn chowder from the restaurant in Kaohsiung)!
— I CAN do the dancier version of Cadillac Ranch, I still remember the electric slide, and I can do a rather mean Larger than Life line-dance!
— my feet actually didn't hurt too terribly bad, although I agree with Jeff that I probably do need new work shoes again
— I was probably actually pretty attractive last night — a good boost to my self-confidence even if some other things weren't great for the confidence.
— Elaine is quite amusing when she's studying — which I applaud her for actually… it's a talent.
— Oh… and running off of 3hrs of sleep (or less) wasn't as hard as it could have been today.