Reminder: gathering at my place Saturday! :)

As a reminder here's the details on the gathering I'm hosting at my place:
Who: All my friends who feel like attending — or who are in the area — and who are available to attend.
What: A casual get-together. I'm not known for organizing terribly complicated affairs or anything. I'll have hopefully a bunch of light snacks and whatnot available, and we'll be able to talk, play board games, watch movies, or really anything else that strikes the collective group's fancy — previous gatherings have included such things and more!
Where: At my apt. If you need directions, contact me directly by phone or email or something.
When: 2pm onwards on November 11th, 2006. I don't know yet when or if I'm working on the 12th, so I've no idea how late it can run. If you can only attend for part of it, that's fine, just let me know an approximate arrival time so I can expect you!
Why: 'cause I'm terribly horribly bad at staying in touch with all of you, given all of our busy hectic lives, and 'cause who doesn't like a relaxing gathering in November?
How: Just show up, oh and bring something that starts with the first letter of one of your names (first, middle, last etc.) whether it's a food item, a game, a DVD, a VHS movie, a toy, a CD or otherwise. It's not a potluck precisely, but rather an event where you have the opportunity to contribute something… but yes you can bring food (who doesn't like food?).

RSVP as soon as possible, so I know what to prepare for! 🙂 I'm looking forward to seeing you there!