Just some comments before I head off to school…

So, Camilla Gibb's reading was absolutely amazing on Tuesday. I mean… that was impressive! I really need to read her book in its entirety.

Reading Grimm's fairytales is much much fun. I totally want to read them all (which could be detrimental to my other readings *sighs*).

Somehow the files that were rescued from my drive include most of my important CKI files, but none of my writing. This is really too bad, although it made writing reference letters easier with something to base them upon.

I'm liking the direction my poetry is taking me lately. This is a good thing!!

I've been working a whole lot… but this does mean I get to go to an awards ceremony to celebrate my 5 years with the company soon.

I did the hip-hop class at the gym the other day. My body does not move that way very easily… which resulted in some soreness that wasn't terribly pleasant although stretching sure did help!

And my computer still occasionally doesn't like me. The other day it decided that it didn't want to finish loading windows. Basically I had to wait until the next morning and try it again, and it worked… but gosh that shouldn't be my solution to the problem! I really really don't like when this happens… although the system IS running a whole lot better than it had been, so I guess I'll just have to be okay with it and procrastinate relatively less.