Back from FTR and exhausted

I'm always surprised when I find out I know someone I'm not expecting to know from an odd location… like when I run into old swimteammates at CKI events. Think about it, it's been more than 6 or 7 years since I've been in swim team! Six Degrees of Separation, my foot!

*sighs* FTR was great! I loved the location… the island rocked as did the facilities, the service project and the people. I hadn't painted on a ladder for quite some time, so it felt super great to do that again! There was also yet another graveyard visit — I think I've mentioned how much I enjoy visiting graveyards before. The weather was super amazing awesome (especially since we all expected rain).I'm so super tired after all of it… and super happy and surprised considering the things I found out about people. Having a good support network of people in whatever I do is always a plus! And finding out that people I know are involved in more than one of the things I'm passionate about ALWAYS helps.

I'm finding Fairy tales fun again… although I'm still rather skilled at avoiding doing SOME homework. *shrugs*

Tomorrow I'll hit the gym again… it looks like the class schedule has changed a bit this month… so I'll see which classes I'll attend as a result! And of course tomorrow's a great day for homework, work and catching up on other things… I hope!

Life goes well after getting a bit of perspective!