The usual update :)

So class today was fun. Yep. You got that right. Fun. And I was assigned Grimm's Fairy Tales as my personal readings for class. Even more fun! 🙂 I even picked up a copy of them from Rutherford Library.

How'd I end up with enough free time to do so? Well, it's all because of my mega short quiz from my second class. Three questions and we get an hour and a half to finish. Well, I thought that that was a rather lot of time, judging from the fact that we had 3 questions (essentially minimum 4 words plus 2 sentences)… I wrote more than strictly necessary, but hey I was using my knowledge from my previous class to help. Not only that, but I finished FIRST after like 20 minutes.

Yeah… so I met up with my bro who delivered some mail I got (yeah I totally need the certificate to go with the scholarship I got over a year ago… thanks to the Alberta government), and gave me my harddrive complete with files recovered. Totally cool! 🙂

Later I went to the gym. Had my visit with my new personal trainer (I likely won't pay for personal training for quite some time, but this sets me up right where I want to be: Joe was AWESOME!). I was totally satisfied and enjoyed my protein shake on the way home. My workouts will be reasonably challenging as time goes on… and I know know how to use some completely nifty machines… plus some free weights. I'm very happy with that! Not to mention the fact that I was yet again encouraged to attend the group classes when the mood strikes! 🙂 Very pleased!

So that's where things are at… I'm rather pleased in general. 🙂