Return of the annoying health-issues LJ post

As some of you may know, my left wrist has been acting up lately. I've been cashiering one armed and I've been trying to stay away from lifting by doing odd jobs at work.

Well… the health thingys don't end there however. On Tuesday night, while flossing my teeth as per usual, the 'permanent retainer thing' aka. 'the wire on the back of my teeth' partially came loose. Unfortunately, I didn't get into the dentist until this morning at 7am (which was good, since the wire was entirely removed, and so I'll be able to floss without floss threaders… although my teeth still feel funny and I'm getting repeat cold sensations like when the dental hygienist was using that device to remove the cement from my teeth). My tongue isn't used to the smooth tooth backs, so it's still playing like crazy just as it did after the wire came loose.

Today I've been feeling under the weather… I was completely great (more than great!) this morning following the dentist visit… then about 12:30pm, I simply couldn't stand anymore and ended up in the washroom at work for nearly an hour half-lying/sitting on the floor until I gathered myself enough to work again. Eventually I felt fine again, but my stomach's not been perfect for the remainder of the day. I wish I knew what was up, whether it is simply stress and poor sleeping habits or whether I shouldn't be eating something or whether I'm actually sick or something.

Anywho… two more days of work… And very little time remaining to get everything done for my trip on Sunday. I'm going to miss so many people!! I hope I don't forget to get much accomplished.