Some small realizations…

You know… I never quite expect people to be entirely honest or truthful. It's not that I expect anyone to be lying per-say, but rather that I don't expect people to reveal entirely the whole story about themselves or about a certain situation spontaneously or even when asked. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing as the case may be. It often however results in taking a long time for people to garner my actual trust, and probably has something to do with the vast amount of worrying I'm prone to doing. It also results in the utter surprise and pleasure in others when they do grant me trust, or the confidence to reveal these things about themselves. When people do this, and I feel strongly enough about them to do the same (or at least start to do the same, revealing the underneath layers of me from all the many masks that I [and many others do similarly] wear on a regular basis), it truly strengthens the relationship I have with that said person, whether it be as a distant friend, a relative, or otherwise.

Thinking about this actually makes me smile. I've learned a lot about myself in the past year, it's hard to believe how much I've grown as a person I think over the course of the past several years actually. I'm truly glad for it, however. Pleased might be a more accurate term.

In other news… I've been happy with the new opportunities presented to me over the course of the past several months. I hope that some of them (if not all) pan out.

As for my crazy winning luck (well not all that crazy given that I do have a contest-entering hobby), my newest aquisitions include a mug and a pen from the academic integrity quiz at the CSD. I've also been thinking a lot about my frugality as of late and the random factoids that people keep trying to remind me AREN'T common knowledge, regardless of how simple my mind keeps telling me that they are.