Election results in… and ?

So the election results are in. Or at least enough of the polls are in that we can confidently say that the election results are in: Stephen Harper is our new PM. The Conservatives have a minority government. Anne McLellan loses her seat in Parliament. All the party leaders keep their seats. Martin says that he'll no longer lead the Liberals (triggering a party leadership race at some undisclosed point in the future).

I'm not actually surprised… somewhat disappointed in some ways, somewhat pleased in others… and well curious as to how this all pans out.

Hey, I agree with the conservatives in some respects… but DO NOT on other issues. This is similar with other political parties too. So I'm intrigued and disturbed… and well… not entirely displeased.

Will change happen? If so what will change? Will it be positive or negative? How will it help/hinder me? How will it help/hinder Alberta? How will it help/hinder Canada?

The crystal ball is cloudy yet I want to see.