Thoughts for the end of a pleasant evening…

Why is it that I'm apparently falling asleep at the computer?
Yummy food, good company and catching up with friends makes a great evening.
Why oh why doesn't my CD player work?
I've a bajillion things to clean in the next week.
Gary Geddes writes some great poetry (yay for doing my poetry presentation on his poems).
Hitting knee on hard object makes for a sore knee (who would have thunk it? 😉 )
Eight hours of work when we're this busy… on the DAY BEFORE 15% tuesday…. what were all the shoppers thinking???
Good tunes makes me happy.
I've been thinking so much about the same thing lately… a very good thing… *pleasant sighs*
Great emails make for happy smiles!
Does my computer chair have to always be broken? Even after it was purportly fixed by my brother?
I wonder what January 4th will bring… asides from the expected that is.
I really ought to write some poetry that is not drivel.
Reading good books also ought to be in the cards in these next few days.
Tomorrow though, I ought to get some grocery shopping done, before I forget about it.
Chatting online and talking on the phone is oh so pleasant… 🙂