Posting=Procrastinating (what else is new? ;) )

So my brother brought over my computer chair (now in a semi-repaired state!)… which is remarkably comfortable compared to the other one. And I thought that it was irreparable. What do I know anyway?

Essentially I've been procrastinating cleaning or doing reading for class… or even writing some semi-good-enough poetry to submit for class… or… any of those other 'important' things that I ought to be doing today. Perhaps I need to get offline and do some of those things, eh?

I work this afternoon… a nice short shift… the kind of shift where I get the fewest breaks/hours worked. But still it's work… and if I remember correctly I get paid today also (getting paid weekly IS rather nifty!).

Tomorrow's New Years Eve… I still don't quite know what I'll be doing. I'm thinking of either relaxing at home… or heading to Brad's party thing… problem of course being how to get there, especially given that I work until 6pm, and I've never been to his place before and thus wouldn't recognize it. *sighs*

I wonder how much more unproductive I could be today?