Plans changed… interesting prospect?

So, apparently I'm no longer going to Saskatchewan this weekend. Am I disappointed? Sure. But I'm also glad: why? 'cause I can perhaps get this essay done and this other one started? But more 'cause it's the 30th Anniversary of the Writer In Residence program at the UofA and their festival is this weekend, and I really wanted to be there. March's festival will also be cool, but who knows where I'll be that weekend (Calgary? the USA? we'll see).

I'm thinking of heading to the fundraising gala on Saturday night also… too late to volunteer maybe, but it'll be fun to dress up snazzy and well… hang at Latitude. Why not? I mean, these are the experiences I'm here for. This is why I wanted to do this after degree… to do these kinds of things.

And hey… the free time will be nice. Anyone want to join me sometime this weekend to do something?

Now if only I remember to get all the little tasks I need to get done done today 😉