Freeze for the cure! :)

So I went and volunteered for Run for the Cure today to help in the fight to stop breast cancer.
In otherwords, I stood outside and froze for 4 hours or so… given that my incredible foresight (ha ha) lacked the ability to determine what precise clothing would keep me warm enough to last out the morning. Maybe it was sleep deprivation, I don't know. My hands are tingling, so that's a good sign, eh? Anyway, it was fun, I got to talk to an excellent Western Canadian Francophone woman, and ate some pretty interesting munchies (they also gave me chocolate and after the fact a more reasonably sized t-shirt). Alberta milk also gave out carabiners with lap timers on them… which is pretty nifty.

Last night's trip to Red Deer to celebrate the Centennial with Kiwanis was super great also. I totally enjoyed meeting some Kiwanians, catching up with others, and taking in the entertainment (and great food!). I'm sure glad that I went!

Now to actually warm up with more soup. 🙂