Shoppin' Great times!

So… as some of you all know… I had been searching for the PERFECT (or some reasonable facsimilie thereof) top for closing session of ICON for months. I'd been looking for a new pair of dress sandals for oh… at least 3 years. I'd been wanting another suit, in a colour other than black. I had been searching for a great gift for someone for months… and been looking to pick up various other items…..

Well: all in one day, with a most awesome friend (and really, another great pair of eyes), Sheena, I conquered the mall and purchased all of these items at West Edmonton Mall yesterday. Honestly, how better could that have turned out?? The top will look great, the suit will be so incredibly useful (it's a charcoal greyish colour… with stripes… pinstripes I guess I could call 'em… and looks remarkably amazing on me while I am wearing PASTEL tops underneath. PASTEL is a colour range I NEVER foresaw myself wearing… and yet… WOW.), the gift means less need for random shopping, the dress sandals means that I finally have comfy dresss sandals (and they sparkle!) that could potentially replace the ones that I already wear so often now… and well… the other items are simply so amazingly suitable (especially the Canadian t-shirt and the white skirt!).

Now, I did end up spending a pretty penny… but you know what? It was worth it.

And Frugal Ali isn't someone who says stuff like that all that frequently.

Back to the consignment stores, bargain racks, and general great deals for me! 😉