Realizing that having sensation in my left hand would make it easier to type…


I finally donated blood again. It had been 3 years (TOO LONG!) but this time, my iron was pleasantly high enough… they didn't even have to test it twice as they often had to do in the past. I was in such an incredibly great mood following that (and of course following drinking some extra water and finding out that my blood pressure, pulse and temperature were also superly awesomely perfect for donating blood!).

Then I go sit on the chair. They prepare to poke my left arm, just as they always have before. They've NEVER had a problem finding my veins before. In fact the two (or was it three? meh.) times that I got nurses whose FIRST EVER needle pokes on shift at the blood donor clinic were better than this. This hurt surprisingly radiating to my hand a bit. But… having not remembered quite what donating blood normally felt like for me, I didn't worry. I probably should have, but I didn't. Donating blood makes me feel happy-go-lucky usually. I'm in such an incredible mood… happy to see the wonderful blood leaving my body and filling the bag… when I donate blood. Sure it's bizarre, but I love to do it. But damn am I ever pleased that I chose to use my left arm this time. 'cause it took FAR FAR longer than normal to fill the bag.

Usually it goes quickly, donating blood. Usually I've been unusually quick (especially the time when they never really reduced the pressure in the blood pressure cuff for the entire donation). Once I've felt faint ('cause it left my body very quickly). This time, I was all happy-like…. although my hand had greater difficulty than ever before to squeeze the little lightbulb squeezy toy thing. But it was fun just the same (call me strange… but I've always liked donating blood… I'd even call it invigorating). The people in the chairs around me left before I did. The men who sat around me were replaced by women. And then finally… it was done.

They gave me ice to keep from developing a big bruise (something I've never been given before. But, no bruising at all… even after they said that it looked like I'd be getting one. I've never bruised from giving blood. It's always worked out so awesomely well!). And I went to refreshments for some mediocre soup, a Dad's Oatmeal cookie and more water (gotta keep hydrated… something I tend to forget far too often for my own good).

I left the clinic… to walk to campus and meet up with Shauna.

A few steps later… I noticed it. My hand below my thumb was numb.

Now I'm pretty good at having parts of my limbs fall asleep for no particularly good reason on a semi-regular basis as is… but this struck me as really really odd, partly 'cause it had never happened before, but also because it was the arm I'd donated with.

A little worried… I thought I'd go meet up with Shauna and if it was still oddly numb… (and it did sort of have sensation… if I rubbed it there were pins & needles sensations) I'd come back to the blood donor clinic. I was trying to be rational about it. I really couldn't think of anything that could be done to help me if I really did have nerve damage anyway… but I kept wanting to rub my hand… to make sure I could at least get the pins & needles sensation.

I returned to the clinic around an hour after leaving. It was still numb… not having improved, and I was still in the area. They asked questions and filled out a report. They'll call me and check up with me about it. They said to go to my doctor if it worsens or continues tomorrow.

It hasn't improved. It hurts to type this right now. Maybe I'll get some ice and put that on it like they sort of suggested. I wanna talk to someone on the telephone about it. I don't wanna be overreacting about it but damn it… it's annoying! And honestly… I kind of like having full use of my left hand.

I like donating blood. Why do stupid things like this keep happening to me?

(in other news… my computer's not liking me this evening either. Talk about causing headaches)