I don't have anything in particular to write, and yet I want to write something. It's not quite writer's block (that's an entirely different situation) but rather I guess, a lack of emotional connection with what I want to type right now.

Perhaps I could best describe my life these days as episodes from the second season of That 70s Show? (thanks to Greg, btw for that wonderous new enjoyment!!) Or maybe as a collage of the various tunes that lately I've been listening to? I dunno.

I'm not about to be all angry… or sad… or even unbelievably happy… really. I'm glad things are happening the way that they are. Yet again risks have been taken… and you know what? I'm happy that I'm living life right now.

And perhaps, I ought to take Robin's advice and continue to live life to its fullest… taking those risks… and working to tear that dratted shell of my youth to shreds.

What I do know… is that I miss a lot of people these days… and really need to do a better job of playing phone tag (actually tagging people!)… not to mention… getting out and exploring what life has to offer.

More spontaneous outings to crazy things like mini-golf? Who knows??!