Frozen hands, Monarchy, elected officials, and a thorough soaking…

Yep… the subject says it all: I went to the Alberta Centennial Kick off party today (along with well… a pretty scattered crowd willing to bear the brunt of the elements… gosh it was ever so wet!). Not only are my finger tips and hands generally painful right now as they attempt to warm up (and become a little less numb), but my body underwent a general soaking… mostly dry by now otherwise, it was worth it.

Why was it worth it exactly? With a shortened schedule of events, the day included a great deal of interesting happenings. Certainly the recorded music was lack luster compared to what was originally planned, but the safety of the performers is evidently paramount.

Her Magesty Queen Elizabeth II looked radiant with her tan hat and jacket, carrying a practical clear umbrella. His Royal Highness Prince Philip also appeared quite regal. The Premier and his wife (Dr. Klein) made a great entrance in an old fashioned car from the Reynolds Museum. I rather thought Ralph Klein's wife looked great in her red hat.

The 21 gun salute was just visible from our location in the upper deck… as was the parade of vehicles into the stadium. The Red Serge, the Massed Pipers, the costumes of people, and patterns on the field all added together for a memory not so easy to forget. Sure, things would have been better had the entertainment not been so often under the shelter of awnings, but really, what better can I expect?

The cake cutting was rather interesting… as was the crowd singing (or lack thereof… the crowd was pretty small considering). I think the kids involved really did us proud as a province… the spirit of service embodied in at least a few of them is quite remarkable to say the least.

Ian Tyson's rendition of his two songs was great… in fact I was incredibly impressed. The Gospel choir was good, as were Tommy Banks and some of the other entertainers.

If only it hadn't rained so darn much!

Then perhaps my hands wouldn't be in the process of tingling with pins and needles… Youch!