I adore… because everybody's doing it ;)

Today's a total junk food/pleasure day! Gotta love yummy treats… especially when it's wonderful friends like preparing 'em! Yum!

So… in other news… I was thinking of having a 'happy university bars going non-smoking' party on May 1st… then I realized that May 1st was a Sunday and for some odd reason, the bars would evidently be closed *grumbles*. I was thinking of May 2nd… but that's a Monday… and evidently a poor choice… because not only are the most of you going to be working (or otherwise indisposed)… but I'll be working 8hrs also. So that's out. And I was *so* looking forward to it too! We really have to hang out at the 'Plant or something in May… afterall, I've always said that I'd patronize bars and pubs and whatnot more once they went non-smoking.

I *think* there'll be another attendee at the get together on Friday… who will likely be bringing homemade mac 'n cheese (yummy!)… so things are looking up in that department.

So here's the nifty new meme!

Pete and many other cool souls are all playing the 'I Adore' (or the 'I hate' but I'm just not in the right mindset to do such a negative thing at this particular time of year… or am I? *muhahaha*) game…

Post your name in the comments and, I'll write a short blurb about you.