Procrastinating again… *lacking motivation*

So I sit here… having watched about 3 hrs of CSI… and having run the majority of my 'MUST-DO' errands for the day… and I don't wanna write my essay. Sure it's technically no longer due tomorrow… but I know that I ought to do it by then… since I've a zillion other things to do between now and Thursday when I fly off to Idaho for the U-I DCON. While I've prepared a bunch of things for my visit and have pretty much finished that, I've yet to pack or get together a bunch of other stuff.

Perhaps I'll try calling people again. That may just be productive…? We'll see. My back hurts right where I can't really do anything about it myself. My feet ache (I likely need new work shoes again *sighs*) from having been on them too much as of late. I'm realizing more and more that I miss ballroom dance. Perhaps I need to go out sometime… not that that's likely since I'll be missing Top Hat for the 3rd year in a row (working this time).