Bestest WeCan DCON yet!

So pleased am I!! And happy for the We-Can District! 🙂

This weekend marked the most interesting DCON I have yet to have attended ever. Completely We-Can Style, I loved nearly every moment (well… the naptime I had arrive out of nowhere was pretty unexpected… but not unneeded!).
Notables follow
Friday: Another fantabulous trip to West Edmonton Mall (I adore being tour guide and entertaining guests around Edmonton!). We saw the Flamingos, the sea lions, the dragon (under repairs unfortunately so no fire), the amusement park (Galaxyland), various stores, the whale, the waterpark, Bourbon Street, Europa Boulevard, Chinatown and so much more. I even purchased a nice evening purse at The General Store. The 4 Ottawa (from Carlton) guests that I was entertaining totally enjoyed it! Then we headed to convention for some food, fellowship and service. I was in the picking garbage group, so we had some fun times helping beautify the location before heading over to Boston Pizza to wait for the Ronald McDonald House group. Also great times! That evening, I hosted 2 amazing girls (one from Winnipeg and the other from Ottawa) at my place.
Saturday: A late start… but a great one with the violent newspaper game, an AWESOME workshop on Better World Books, my TF presentation, and of course a delicious lunch (breakfast was good too). The Amazing CKI Race was a blast for the participants. The plastic bag change purses that people made were rather nifty and creative. The evening banquet was excellent. The service auction was super fun (I got a 'date' [for girl time!] with Sheena, and a spa gift certificate). I'm SO super happy with the newly elected board also!
Sunday: A board meeting, breakfast and some card making fun! Gotta love service!! 🙂