My first day back at school… and I'm rather excited! :)

So today was my first day back. Feels weird to be back in a large classroom again (for Sociology). I know people in ALL my classes (yay!) which is super neat (and unexpected). Double yay for knowing people from high school, and other classes.

So my classes should be interesting: continuations of C Lit 100 and of WRITE 298, and my three new courses: my Ibsen class, my pop culture C lit class and my media sociology class! Totally loving it when my prof orders us to buy magazines, watch tv and see lots of movies AS HOMEWORK!

Downside to not having breaks: I gotta be a bit more prepared about preparing lunches to munch on.

Also what's with the lack of extending bookstore hours?

I bought some books online, so that takes care of a few, and I still gotta get some from the bookstore also. My grand total should be around $200 total for all 3 of the new classes. Not bad comparatively speaking (would be slightly less if books were more available online).

Anywho… I think all is going to be great this term with such excellent classes. The coursework shouldn't be too bad either! 🙂