I'm not invincible… never have been… this is nothing new… *sighs*

So as per the usual, life decides to continue to be difficult in its own special ways.

I'm not a huge fan of having to essentially LOSE money because people decide (and they seemingly do this often) that rescheduling an event is perfectly the right thing to do. It's not that I didn't ask to confirm the first date…. So I guess I'll just have to cope with the likelihood of making less money in future weeks as a result of such rescheduling. NOT fun… especially given all the time I ALREADY take off from work. It's not as if I'm above the hypothetical poverty line or anything… *grrr!*

Rumors fly. And if it were back in the late 1990s… I'd be building a shell to cope. Not this time. No. This time, their lack of truth will have to be enough to allow me to, you know, get by, succeed, indeed build a new future for myself… and 'with the help of my friends' enjoy each passing moment… because it's not worth getting all worked up over. Facts are facts. Untruths are untruths. And I'm not about to go breaking rules, or digging myself some sort of grave to lie in at any point in the near future without some better reason than those proffered.

Not that it ain't hard.

Life's hard.

And 'I will survive' (as Gloria Gaynor's song would put it… aren't I just SO on a song lyric kick? 😉 ).

School technically starts tomorrow. My classes start tuesday. Getting up early regularly starts tomorrow (or rather today if I look at the clock… yikes!).

Life's peachy keen… needs more hugs though. Always does sometimes. (gotta love specifics like that! 😉 )