Phone calls, and websites… (I'm frustrated by the non-productive nature of my procrastination!)

So, I've one more essay to write for class due this week. And guess what? I don't wanna write it! 😉 No really, I don't. It ought to be the simplest, it's the shortest paper, and it's for the easiest class (relatively speaking) and it's the class with the lowest number even, but I don't wanna write it! So instead I spend my time writing CKI nonsense (Well actually it's not nonsense, but whatever) and trying to get CKI affairs done. And what happens: well the websites I wanna use don't work (when this happens for a paper, I just use something else, but this is for CKI matters, so there really aren't all that many other options (although some do exist)). So this is a frustration (actually it's been plaguing me all weekend, but all weekend I was sort of ACTUALLY doing my schoolwork (although it DID take twice to three times as long as it should of, due to procrastination, but that's normal. I PLAN for that. And I TRY to put PRODUCTIVE procrastination in my breaks (you know like doing CKI work in my homework breaks, or going to work or eating or housework or doing some other long forgotten task of utmost importance… like checking e-mail 😉 ) but really! How frustrating can things get? Not only that, but I got up and whatnot bright and early only to find that the person I was supposed to be able to reach by phone at that hour was unreachable. Frustrating. Not essential, but whatever. So my procrastination of a morning was entirely less fruitful than it should have been. At least I got one article written for CKI… that's something, isn't it? I mean, changing a word on my paper wasn't nearly as useful (considering it was like the title or something, and not some body paragraph, given that those haven't been written yet).
*sighs* when this week's done things will be a lot easier. Why? 'cause my essays (the bulk of which will be done.
Oh and I can't wait for the weekend… why? 'cause there's a BALL! 😉 Haven't danced since what, my birthday? (ballroom dancing that is, and not random whatever dancing… which is also fun, just not the same thing)
Anyway… I hope things improve. It's rather frustrating when things simply don't. I reserve Mondays for CKI/Kiwanis next semester, completely, so I hope that they become a bit more productive! 🙂 In any case… I think it will all work out!