So much to do… so much to appreciate… so much to enjoy *sighs*

Hey all! It's been a few days since I last typed anything here. But today, I'm procrastinating writing a play review for my Drama 102 class, so I thought that since I've finished the essential CKI catching up that I had to do today, I would type something here. Recently I've been typing more boring posts (if you hadn't already noticed), partly due to the fact that I haven't had the massive interest in answering quizzes online during the fraction of my day that I spend online given how busy I have become. Just the same, I love to hear from people, so I guess it only makes sense that people hear my innane mumblings on occasion.

CKI FTR in Saskatchewan was incredibly successful (disregarding attendance which was on the low end). I truly enjoyed the beautiful weather. Riding Chinook (a nice horse) around the camp (Ranger Lake Bible Camp in Saskatchewan out by North Battleford) was such fun! It's only too bad that we had to lose a rider (no injuries). Playing card games until 3ish in the morning was also quite pleasant. I also learned that I have utterly dismal wall climbing skills. Maybe I should endeavor not to have massively long fingernails next time that I attempt to scale a wall.

Service Awards for work were entertaining to say the least. The entertainment for the evening was Attilla the Hypnotist, who had me on stage acting like a duck and shaking my booty… or so the stories go. Apparently when we were passing around a penny roller paper thing pretending that it was a joint I was coughing up a storm, which surprised even me. Afterall, it was a paper tube! I also don't look anything like the Police officer from the Village People, especially not in a semi-formal dress and wrap… even with the plastic police helmet. And Attilla is not nearly attractive enough for us to have been fighting over the opportunity to dance with him… but whatever. Yes I remember it all. I don't know if I was actually hypnotized or anything… I do know that my co-workers were doing some pretty extreme stuff compared to whatever I got up to on stage. And well… it was a fun-er evening than I had imagined certainly.

Class has been treating me well. Sucessful daydreaming in class requires a bit more multitasking ability than I am currently endowed with I believe (probably a good thing). My sponsoring Kiwanis Club installations were quite nice to see.

Oh, and I rewatched the 1996 Romeo + Juliet that I own. I still far appreciate the 1968 Zefferelli Romeo and Juliet and want to own it on something asides from Beta. *sighs*…