Back from Wisconsin Leaderscape! :)

So, I have returned from a weekend of experiences and friendships… and above all else, fun! Leaderscape in Wisconsin was absolutely AWESOME! Wendy Fraser, past CKI President, and facilitator for the weekend did a most excellent job, as did the 5 wonderful CKI and KCI facilitators: Gar, Jenna, Dan, Stephen, and Ben. The most beneficial thing was of course the Kiwanis Family togetherness. Not only were there a lot of great Key Club/Circle K friendships formed, but it was wonderful to see all the great Kiwanians present (even if they wouldn't always participate). Never would I have imagined to have been the marketting ploy behind the Well-Oiled Machine, being flipped end over end! It had been a while since I had done some of these games/challenges, and others were entirely new to me, so I most certainly learned a lot!
Not only that, but it was great to tour Madison and see the campus and Capital building on my way to and from Camp Wawbeek. Even the weather smiled at us!
Flying was fun, as usual. I've decided that time permitting, it is much nicer to have meals of the sitdown variety at the airport, given that they are usually of comparable price, and taste much better often times. Airport waitresses can be pretty stressed it seems (either that or totally helpful). I'm not a big fan of using Sky Shuttle, given how much time that that takes, or the amount of squishing that it can require, but it'll do when I don't have a ride I would suppose, even if their hours of operation aren't quite perfect.
So it's back to another week of school for me. Hopefully this means I'll quickly catch up on whatever readings and whatnot that I have yet to do, along with my forgotten homework.