Back from Bridging Borders!

So I attended the Kiwanis Bi-District Convention with Montana and We-Can this weekend. And you know what? I had an absolutely awesome time! I ADORE Kiwanis events, ESPECIALLY DCON. Perhaps this indicates a willingness to interact with age groups outside my own, but I think it's more because of the great deal of pleasure I have with my interactions with my Kiwanis Family.

Now, this weekend is also one of the only times I have EVER been called god, so that really caught me off guard. But I guess it comes with the territory of being in my particular position in my district, maybe? And well… Kiwanians listen to me, so perhaps that may have something to do with that really bizarre comment.

It was GREAT to see the sights of Lethbridge again… especially with Josh looking around with that fascinated look in his eyes. Such a great friend, it's too bad he's so far away sometimes….

Again, an AMAZING conference… sleep lacking of course, but the company, food, entertainment and SO much more was OUTSTANDING…

And you better believe I bought one of those Kiwanis Calendar Boys Calendars! Strategic placement of objects… MY WORD! I got it mostly autographed too. Quite the fun thing… and really tasteful. Hard to believe the fun shown in that Calendar…. and the publicity that it garnered locally!

So… things went rather amazingly well. I am VERY pleased. Now if only I didn't miss my Montana friends so much… *sighs* Such AWESOME people!!!