So I should be more direct eh?

So a little birdy tells me today (probably for the nth time where n represents an indeterminately large number of times for this little birdy to have told me this) that I ought to be more direct. What does that really mean I wonder: In your face? Confrontational? Annoying? A bitch? A go-getter? An achiever? ???

You see, I am this way (more direct), when I really care about something. I WILL get to the point (or at least I will when I'm not too busy playing Devil's Advocate such as to figure out what is the better stance). But it has to MATTER to me. Otherwise, I'm content to just sit and listen, and point out possible flaws to arguements… or somethingerrather like that.

In other instances I worry about offending people. And thus the fires that burn within will continue to burn for a time… until I think it appropriate to voice my concern. Perhaps why I do things the way that I do.

Some people think I'm outspoken. Possibly because I'm willing to be so around them. Because I care very much about the issue, or because I feel well enough educated to say my part. Whatever the case, I DO have some strong beliefs about some things, and they WILL most certainly be aired.

But this doesn't mean that I'm unwilling to change my beliefs. Convince me, and I just might. I really do want to see all sides of an issue. Constraints often prevent this of course, but I still think it to be valuable to do so. Educate me, and I'll try my best to synthesize whatever truths that you give me into my understanding of my world.

Listen to me. Let me be heard. Understand me.

A flower that has so often been trampled
Fears being hurt.
So long as the threat is coming
It is difficult to speak.

As time passes let's remember
Each person has a past
Each past affects the present
And the present is what lasts.

I'm not a shard of glass.
I'm not a paper flower.
But I'm not invincible,
So I TRY to act with tact.

Let none of these be excuses
For idioticy and stupidity
But let them be remembered
Because they will affect how I will act.