Google tells me Ali loves and hates…

So I've been reading blogs as of late (what else is new?) and ran across this idea. Basically you ask google what loves and what hates. And this is what it comes up for for me!

1. Ali Loves RZKB.
2. Ali loves to wear risqué outfits the way they should be worn, being both stylish and appealing.
3. Ali loves me.
4. Ali loves it here and we all love her here too.
5. Ali loves to read and travel.
6. Ali loves her food, especially Mac and Cheese and Spagettios.
7. Ali loves New York!
8. Ali loves Aminah.
9. Ali loves human race.
10. Ali loves Jolly Ranchers.

1. Ali Hates Seth Godin.
2. Ali hates to wear suits and ties.
3. Ali hates me.
4. Ali hates Jack so much.
5. Ali hates this direction.
6. Ali hates Jun.
7. Ali hates the White Stripes.
8. Ali hates porn sites.
9. Ali hates a picture on her web page.
10. Ali hates the al Mahdi people.

Somehow I think that the hates list is incorrect in many ways. And that the loves list is decent.