Some gobbley-gook about stuff and things…. ;)

So today was an interesting one. Firstly I woke up early-ish (let's not even think of mentioning the fact that I'll be getting up another hour earlier tomorrow). I proceeded to prepare myself to attend the Klondike Days parade, partly by figuring out that yes, my camera (which broke at LSSP and at Midsummer respectively) decided to make itself work again… so I got to waste a whole rest of the roll of film on the parade. This would have been a big loss if it wasn't for the nifty fact that the parade was very exceptional this year, with its themed floats (it is Edmonton's Centenial this year, thus the theme was Past, Present, Future… odd how that was the theme I was going to have for the Kiwanis Family/Alumni event I wanted to have this past year… and probably WILL have eventually… probably once I'm a Kiwanian).

Anywho, I went out in the beautiful outdoors to watch the lonely balloons float up into the sky, smell the hotdogs cooking, watch the children beg their parents for interesting things like the ability to take their turn at taking a photo with the camera… (note that this child really really wanted to photograph the street sweepers… and ALL the 'white' horses she could find. Her brother was more into taking pictures of the floats, I think). It was a fun 2 hours of my day. Gosh I love living within walking distance!

So I got home to my parents entertaining my roommate (or vice versa) and proceed to go out for Thai food across the street with them (to celebrate my Birthday with the family only a couple days until my actual birthday!). Bua Thai was quite a good restaurant I must say. They even heeded my request for no cilantro. Definitely a thumbs up from me! We then proceeded to walk along the Victoria Promenande for a ways before heading back home. My brother kindly (?) forgot his cellphone here, so I had to return it later in the day.

In addition, it was the first day since May (I think) that I was able to make it to our CKI soccer game. I wasn't great, but got the feeling of satisfaction of FINALLY heading the ball without a) hurting myself b) touching it with my arm c) making the ball go in the wrong direction. Thus, I am proud! My feet ache however, due mostly to the walk home from campus. It has certainly been a while since being on campus… probably due to the travelling thing.

And that was my day. Asides from the idiotic 'Ali feeling stressed 'cause she had nothing better to do with her time' thing that went away with the invigorating soccer game, this day was pretty unusual, yet unremarkable.

I wonder what the 'treats' are that my work is giving out to birthday girls?