Today: Transport Farenheit 9/11 Shopping Jams

So the following were the challenges to surmount today:

1. Transport. Several conversations about transport were held in the attempt to help my governor with the whole Midsummer Climax transport issue. Fortunately it was semi-rectified. Unfortunately, not completely fixed. Fortunately, I'm still going. Unfortunately less people are going. Fortunately, it will likely still be a complete success. Unfortunately, a lot of the really important people won't be going. Fortunately a lot of new CKIers will have the chance to participate. Unfortunately those they will be interacting with will be uh… well… really long term CKIers… (that could be a fortunately, but it's a rather than the current district/club leadership issue).

2. I finally watched Farenheit 9/11. Some of it disgusted and disturbed me. Other things were just amusing. Others I knew already. Sure it's biased. (it's not unexpected by the title and the fact that it's obviously a Michael Moore flick) I think I saw way too many injured and dead bodies for one day. But It was good to find out what everyone was talking about. And good to see THAT side of the story portrayed clearly. I don't know about it though. I really don't know what to think. I've heard great arguments now on all sides of the whole thing… and well… I guess I'll just have to keep thinking about it for quite a while more.

3. After watching all that disturbing stuff… I went shopping. Relegating myself to only buying stuff that I've been wanting/needing to find for a while, I purchased another ballgown type dress, a suit (skirt and jacket set), and another black dress (me thinks I'm starting to own all the flattering types of black dresses for my figure. I think I need to start looking at colours other than black and red at some point too). On the bright side, I was only spending birthday money really, so I had decent rationale. And the buys were great deals: half price or better… (no way am I paying the normal price for these things… I'm still a student remember?) and also good prices in general. So I'm rather pleased… although I likely ought to stop venturing to Edmonton City Centre so regularly… I keep making the mistake of finding PERFECT clothing items… and well, now (asides from a few pairs of shoes I think etc.) my wardrobe is rather complete-ish.

4. And Then there was the Paper Jam. Another lesson to Ali to read the manual when problems occur. 'cause Eventually (although a lot more work followed the reading bit) that solved the problem. Took too long… and my roommate (and friend) had to witness me talking at and complaining to the printer until it behaved. Gotta love personifying inanimate objects, don'tcha think? 🙂

Well I think that was a good adventuresome day off. Hopefully I get other things accomplished tonight too. Hopefully anyway.