Sleep… or whatever Ali's been up to in the past couple days

So yesterday I slept in good and late. I got up, spent upteen million hours (or so it seemed) on the computer (yegads! I'm here again! 😉 ) and then decided that I was going to do some cleaning.
But found all of a sudden that I was drained of energy at 9:45PM. So I went down for a nap. Woke up after dreaming of CKI affairs (odd how that keeps happening, but it must be on my mind or something), and proceded to get ready for actual bed. Looked through my ICON 2003 photo album (I hadn't done that for a while, for my own benefit anyway). I was still pretty awake, so I did some writing, before deciding that perusing the CKI Constitution, Bylaws and Policy codes was the right type of bedtime reading material for my state of mind. (So what if I should be reading my textbooks instead???)
This entertained me enormously, actually. Sure I'd perused these documents many many times before, but I was reading a lot more closely this time. And I'm rather entertained overall.

In other news, me thinks me spends too much time online sometimes.
And our district met its hours goal for the 2003-2004 year! (woohoo!!)