I begin my day with a rude awakening from my semi-peaceful slumber. You see after the past three or so weeks of very very busy days and very short nights available for shut-eye, this was the night I was going to get some rest.
But the phone rings. And I being like I am, climb out of my bed, wander down the hallway into the kitchen and pick up the phone. I hear no voices, only some sort of radio noise in the background. Hello?… Hello?… HELLO? I repeat over and over before getting frustrated and hanging up. This is at 7AM-ish. I wanted to wake up around 9:30ish at earliest. I threw myself back into my bed. But could not sleep very well.
The next thing I knew, my alarm was going off. And I eventually climb out of bed for good.
Later, I go and pick up a parcel from the post office (gosh I LOVE having the post office only a block away… I visit so frequently… gotta love Snail Mail!). And lookee here! I won me a CD from a contest I don't even really remember entering… but now I've got Casey Kasem's America's Top Ten Hits 1950s. That's a great listen. Gotta love the oldies… especially when they're so FREE! 🙂 My contest entering hobby SO pays off!
To work I head for a good 8 hrs of my day. Remembering (thank goodness) to book time off for trips to awards night at school, CKI year end, a final exam (can't miss that can I?), a potential trip to KC DCON in Regina, and of course my next voyage to Indy. I suppose I'll book a bunch of other things off later. I also be a good girl and change my availability for the summer to whenever I haven't booked time off (since school ain't interfering this way.
And I head home, conduct business, do laundry, cook a really yummy meal… and end up here as per usual. Next on my to-do list is to finish laundry and perhap start my taxes. They certainly need to get done…
I hope to actually sleep tonight perhaps? The circles under my eyes look horrid. I hate it when customers tell me I look tired… that's usually a sign of my needing more sleep.