A good (?) day…

So I think I'll take the time to list some pros and cons to this day:
Pro: I'm alive, and got out of bed without too much effort this morning.
Con: I slipped on the ice on my way to the LRT to get to school.
Pro: I made it to my tutorial on time
Con: Apparently I have no core sources for that particular term paper (drat!)
Pro: My evolutionary beauty class was great! I loved the presentation.
Con: The perfume samples gave me a headache (too much!)
Pro: I got to my midterm exam on time.
Con: I have no idea how I did on that exam. Slightly worrisome.
Pro: The midterm is OVER!
Con: I hadn't studied enough, I think.
Pro: My Comp Lit class rocked!
Con: When I was in Knowledge Common before Comp Lit, I couldn't get LJ to work right.
Pro: Got to hang out with Shreyo and Mike after class.
Con: Spent a little more than I probably should have on supper (but whatever, it was good).
Pro: Got to go play Wallyball with Circle K Club.
Con: Got to get hit by the ball.
Pro: I actually can hit the ball over the net.
Con: My wrist and arms turned nice and red and hurt.
Pro: I can usually serve okay.
Con: I got dizzy and sore neck and weak and so stopped.
Pro: This gave me the chance to read the newspaper.
Con: I didn't get undizzy (still am dizzy, my head still hurts).
Pro: I got home safely.
Con: I still feel pain.
Pro: Finally know who my IT is now.
Con: I don't think I know who this person is just yet.
Pro: I think I got all my forms to do my taxes now.
Con: My house is a mess.

Okay so I could go on like that for quite a while…. but in the meantime that made me feel a little bit more settled (but still in a rather lot of pain). Tomorrow I'm heading to Regina for Kiwanis Mid-Winter… so that should be fun!