Murphy's law seems to tell me that whatever I expect will go wrong won't… so that's precisely what happened. And what I expected not to happen did.

But in any case… I'm well. DCON went well. And so on. So no complaints here, most certainly. In fact I'm quite pleased with certain aspects of things.

But whatever.
So I checked out this website
and here's what I discovered:
Ali is the #2434 most common female name.
0.002% of females in the US are named Ali.
Around 2550 US females are named Ali!
Ali is the #614 most common male name.
0.012% of men in the US are named Ali.
Around 14700 US men are named Ali!
My last name claims to be unique.
This is yet another reason why most people just assume I'm male.

For my American friends (and those of you who have visited the States here's where I've been state-wise:

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

I rather liked this!
You are Spearmint.
You are quick-witted and sharp. You pay close
attention to details and you can tell what your
friends are feeling. You are always the first
to understand a joke and you are valued for
your insight and advice. However, you
sometimes isolate yourself from other people,
afraid to share your own feelings.
Most Compatible With: Cinnamon

Which Tic-Tac Flavor Are You?
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(this works remarkably well)

You see the world in bright pink. The world is a
happy, happy place! You love all people and
things!! Life is great! You're just like a
happy child. Spread the cheer.

What color do you see the world in?
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(the one time I'm actually liking pink as a colour is….

So yeah… sure this update wastes the time etc. But hey I discovered more friends with LJs… and hopefully this trend will continue?