Made it!

So I made it through the day… gosh am I ever tired…!! But missions are accomplished for the most part… so no worries there.

Anywho… for those of you who haven't already taken it… the basic nerd test can be found at
and here are my results:
You answered yes to 227 of 500 questions, making you 54.6% nerd pure (45.4% nerd corrupt); that is, you are 54.6% pure in the nerd domain (you have 45.4% nerd in you).
According to the scoring guide, your nerd experience level is: You refuse to live anywhere without pizza delivery
Your Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 34%, based on a comparison of your test results with 29463 other submissions for this test.

And yes, I've taken this test numerous times (but re-take it when suggested sometimes)… along with the super fun other purity tests found at the same website. (so I was bored at some point… purity tests being a fun way to spend time… MORE fun when done over the phone or in person with friends actually… and yes I've done this….)

In other news, I liked shopping today… always fun to catch some actually decent sales… Especially when it's food you'd be buying anyway.