Things you may not know…

Okay…. sure there's some obvious things about life. That's a given (or is it? Whatever). Anywho… Some people (although I dunno who exactly) don't know how much I utterly adored Pern books as a teen. My very favorite escapist literature (at least until I discovered Mercedes Lackey anyway)… so when I discover this cool quiz about it… I just had to post it for everyone to see…
You are a gold dragon! Golds are the queens, the
rulers of the dragons. You are respected by
every other dragon, and everyone listens to
you, no matter what. The highest-ranking males
compete to be your mate. Your human partner is
the leader of the Weyr. You are diplomatic,
and good at finding solutions to problems that
satisfy the majority of the people concerned.
You are the largest dragon, and the most
powerful. All hail the queen!

What color of Pernese dragon are you?
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Anywho… that covers that… well I guess there are also some people out there who don't know how obsessed I have been in the past with random quizzes (heck, how else did I manage to while away so much time in my comparative youth trying to figure out how nerdy or wierd or insane or whatever I might be?)… so here's a couple of other quizzes for your benefit, afterall… I enjoyed these:

You are blessed with FAERY wings. Beauty,
laughter, life, magic…that's what you are all
about. You are refreshingly innocent and happy
with your life of purity and play. Life's a
game and it's a good one. In your eyes there's
no way to lose! You can be very mischeivous and
have been known to cause trouble, but it's all
in the name of fun and not meant to really harm
anyone. You like to play tricks on people who
aren't quite as bright or clever as you – which
is almost everyone. Nature is the setting you
prefer to be in – Always. Barefoot and wild you
can't be tamed. You're probably a restless
spirit who loves to travel, and quite a
dreamer. Your creativity is astounding and your
art (of whatever media – from writing to
painting to drama) is like something from
another world – ethereal and often very
fantasy-oriented. You can either be a social
butterfly or a loner with their head in the
clouds – but rarely inbetween. You stubbornly
refuse to accept responsibility or to give in
to the wishes of others – unless you feel like
it. You have a strong passion for music and
can't imagine life without it. You'll grow up
someday, but you'll always be a child at heart.
You are adventurous and love to take risks, and
feel a deep connection with the weather,
plants, and animals. You prefer sunshine to
thunder or snow, the warmth of summer to
autumn's chill, and quiet forests to suburban
backyards. Magic through and through, you are
far more powerful than you seem, and are
capable of being extremely passionate. Though
you can be childish, naive, stubborn, and
self-absorbed, one thing is certain – life with
you will never be boring!

*~*~*Claim Your Wings – Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
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You are Form 4, Gargoyle: The Fallen.

And The Gargoyle mended his wings from the
blood of the fallen so he could rise up from
imprisonment. With great speed and
resourcefulness, Gargoyle made the world his
for the taking.

Some examples of the Gargoyle Form are Daedalus
(Greek) and Mary Magdalene (Christian).
The Gargoyle is associated with the concept of
success, the number 4, and the element of wood.
His sign is the new moon.

As a member of Form 4, you are a creative and
resourceful individual. You are always
thinking of possible solutions to problems you
face and you generally choose one that is
right. Much of your success comes from your
ability to look at things a little differently
than everyone else. Gargoyles are the best
friends to have because they don't always take
things for face value.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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But really those aren't all that important things. What miffs me is that people continually assume things. I do too… but I cannot fathom WHY some of these assumptions are made. I mean I'm not some little goody-two-shoes that came right out of the pristine perfect mold not too long ago. I'm not some sort of freak or idiot at the absolute other extreme either (I can't even figure out what other extreme this would be… but in any case), not that that would be a bad thing, but rather I somehow doubt anyone would believe it.
That's the rub: I'm not whatever everyone keeps thinking I am. There: I've said it. Stop categorizing me as something I'm not. Categorize me as whom I am if you're wanting to categorise me (afterall everyone categorizes people… whether intentional or not).
But whatever. It's not as if this'll really make any difference. Life in general goes well enough so I'm not about to complain. Just wanted to continue making my little observations about the observations of others that I have been made aware of in the past weeks and months. [gosh am I ever good at stating the obvious… <-- yet another trait my mother would rag on me for, I am sure... me the smarty pants person who thinks she knows everything... I'm not! Gah!)